Existing Limited Company mortgages

If you already have a Limited Company mortgage with us, you can manage it using the following forms:

Company restrictions

If you’re making any changes to the directors or shareholding of the company, you must let us know in advance.

If the company changes have already been made, you’ll need to re-instate to the structure we originally agreed to, or redeem the mortgage.

To apply for our consent for other company changes, please complete our Change of Director/Shareholder form. You can email the completed form to SLDirect.Debits@nationwide.co.uk

All applications will be subject to a risk assessment.

If we approve your request, you’ll need to pay a change of parties fee. See Our fees and charges for details.

The following changes aren’t acceptable:

  • Conversion of the company to a Charity, Trust or Foundation.
  • Restructuring the company so it becomes part of a layered company, including subsidiaries, parent and sister companies.
  • Having any links to offshore companies, including the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.
  • Addition of directors or shareholders under the age of 21.
  • Having more than two directors/shareholders in the company. The maximum number of directors/shareholders is two and they must be the same people.