Switch your mortgage deal online

Switching your mortgage doesn’t have to be a challenge. Our Online Mortgage Switcher lets you:

  • Check our current rates
  • Shortlist mortgages you’re interested in
  • Compare mortgage rates, features and repayments
  • Apply to switch your mortgage deal.

The Online Mortgage Switcher is available 8am to 11pm, seven days a week.

You may not be able to access the Online Mortgage Switcher using a mobile phone or a tablet. If you don’t have access to a desktop or a laptop, download our paper application form, or call us, and we can post you one.

Log in to Online Mortgage Switcher

If you have problems logging in, check you’ve entered your details correctly, or contact us for help.

You can also see our switcher rates (PDF) without logging in.


To switch your mortgage deal, you’ll need to check you:

  • Don't have a further advance application to borrow more in progress.
  • Are not subject to a Bankruptcy Order or Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA).
  • Have a mortgage balance that is more than £1,000.
  • Have more than one year remaining on your mortgage term.
  • Don't have any arrears on your mortgage.

No affordability or credit checks are done as part of your application.

If your circumstances have changed and this affects your eligibility, for example, your portfolio is now less than 10 properties, contact TMWDirect@themortgageworks.co.uk. Please include your account number and the reason for your email.

When you can apply to switch your mortgage

You can apply to switch:

  • If your current mortgage deal is ending within 6 weeks.
  • If your current mortgage deal has already ended.
  • If your mortgage has the ‘Switch to Fix’ feature.

At any other time you might be able to switch, but you may have to pay an Early Repayment Charge, and you’ll need to contact us to switch.

When your new mortgage deal starts

We’ll confirm the date your switch will take place when you accept the offer.

If you accept your offer at least 5 days before your mortgage product ends, you'll move to your new rate when the product ends.

Please be aware that for your new mortgage deal to become effective by the 1st of the following month, your offer will need to be accepted by the dates in the table below. Any applications started in the last 5 days of the month won’t become effective until the 1st of the month after.

Date new deal applies from Earliest acceptance date Last acceptance date
1 August 2022 19 June 2022 27 July 2022
1 September 2022 20 July 2022 27 August 2022
1 October 2022 19 August 2022 26 September 2022
1 November 2022 19 September 2022 27 October 2022
1 December 2022 19 October 2022 26 November 2022

Before you switch

When you first log in to the Online Mortgage Switcher, you’ll be asked for:

  • Your date of birth.
  • Your mortgage account number. You can find this on your mortgage statement.
  • The sort code of the account that your mortgage direct debit is paid from. If you don't pay by direct debit, you can use your exact last payment amount.

So you know

You won’t be able to change your term length or repayment method at the same time as switching your mortgage deal. Contact us if you’d like to discuss changing either of these.

You can’t increase your loan as part of the switch. Find out about borrowing more.


We’ll automatically estimate your property value to establish your latest loan to value. If you believe the valuation is incorrect, you can email TMWDirect@themortgageworks.co.uk to appeal the valuation.

You’ll need to tell us:

  • The Mortgage Works account number
  • Customer name
  • Contact telephone number
  • Security address
  • Property value
  • I can confirm that I would like to request a valuation appeal.

After that, we’ll contact you for more details. This may include information about structural or cosmetic work on the property. We may ask for evidence, such as photos, planning permission and completion certificates.

If you’re unhappy with the valuation after appeal, you can pay for a valuer to visit the property for a physical inspection.

Applying to switch: The Mortgage Works customers

1. Choose your mortgage

When you log in to the Online Mortgage Switcher, you’ll need to decide whether to add the product fee (if there is one) to your loan, or pay it upfront. Remember, if you add the fee to the loan, you’ll be paying interest on it.

If you pay the product fee by credit card, you may have to pay an additional fee from your credit card provider. Contact them for more details.

We’ll automatically estimate your property value to establish your latest loan to value. If you believe the valuation is incorrect, you can contact us to arrange and pay for a revaluation.

Once you’ve selected the mortgage you’d like, you can create an offer which shows all the important features, and any fees you’ll need to pay.

The offer is valid for 3 weeks, but you won’t be committed until you’ve accepted the offer and paid any product fee.

2. Apply to switch

If you are happy with the mortgage deal you’ve chosen, make sure you print off or save the offer before you accept it.

You won’t be credit scored as part of your application.

When you choose Accept, we’ll let you know when your new mortgage deal will begin.

You’ll then be asked to pay the product fee (if there is one), unless you have chosen to add it to the loan.

Then you’re all done! We’ll show you confirmation that you’ve completed your online switch application, and your new mortgage deal will begin on the date shown on the offer.

Applying to switch: Derbyshire Home Loans Ltd (DHLL) and E-Mex Home Funding Ltd (E-Mex) mortgage customers

You can check current switcher rates on our DHLL switcher guide and E-Mex switcher guide.

Fill out the relevant application form below, and send it to tmwdirect@themortgageworks.co.uk

After you switch

We’ll send you a confirmation letter with the details of your new mortgage and the monthly payments.

You should get this letter in the first 5 working days of the month after the switch has completed.

If your payment date is in the first 7 working days of the month

We’ll do our best to bring you onto your new rate in time for your first payment, though that might not be possible if it’s due within the first seven working days of the month. In this case, we’ll simply collect your first payment at the Managed Rate. Then the following month, we’ll change your payment to your newly switched rate, adjusting it to make up for any overpayment made in that first month.

If you want to avoid this, you can push back your regular Direct Debit payment date to later in the month. This gives us enough time to move you on to your new rate. Please let us know by the 10th of the month.

Call us on 0345 606 40 60. Lines are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

What happens if you don’t switch

Once your current mortgage deal has ended, you’ll automatically move on to your follow on rate.

Your follow on rate is variable, and will reflect changes in general interest rates, the law, regulation, or changes in our costs. It has no upper limit or cap.

It isn't linked to the Bank of England base rate.

We’re here to help

If you’ve got a question about switching your mortgage, give us a call:

Contact us

If you’d like some advice on the options available to you, please contact an independent financial adviser (IFA). If you don't have an IFA, you can find one at www.unbiased.co.uk.