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Apply for a new Buy to Let mortgage

If you are looking to apply for a new Buy to Let mortgage, or want to remortgage to us, see our applying for a new mortgage page.

Manage your mortgage

Switch mortgage deals

If your rate with The Mortgage Works is coming to an end or has ended, you can switch to a new deal with us online.

Switch my mortgage deal


How to make regular overpayments or a single overpayment on your Buy to Let mortgage.

Make an overpayment

Borrow more

If you want to borrow more money, we could lend you up to 80% of the value of your property.

Borrow more

Change of details

If you need to change your address, name or other contact details, let us know.

Change your details


How to set up or change a direct debit. See our bank details so you can make a payment to us.

Make a payment

Limited Company customers

Managing your limited company mortgage, and what to do if your company structure changes.

Limited Company mortgages

Change of borrower

How to add or remove a person who is named on the mortgage.

Change a borrower

Help with money worries

Sometimes unexpected events can leave you struggling financially. If this is happening to you, we can help.

Help with money worries

Release of property

When you want to sell or remortgage one or more of the properties from your account with us.

Release of property

Derbyshire and E-Mex mortgages

If you had a mortgage with Derbyshire Home Loans Ltd (DHLL) or E-Mex Home Funding Ltd (E-Mex), visit our dedicated page.

DHLL and E-Mex mortgages

Extend or change your mortgage term

Use our form when you want to change the term of your buy to let mortgage.

For residential mortgages, call 0800 464 31 01 to change your mortgage term.

This is not available for Portfolio or Limited Company accounts.

Term amendment application form