Help and support

Here you’ll find information about what to do if your personal circumstances have changed and you are worried about paying your mortgage.

We’ve also got some useful guidance for all buy to let landlords.

If you would prefer to speak with someone, just get in touch.

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Third party access

Set up a short term arrangement allowing a trusted person to help manage your mortgage.

Third party authority (PDF)

Manage your mortgage

    When you’re an existing customer of The Mortgage Works, we want to make it easy for you to get more from your buy to let mortgage.

    You can manage your mortgage, apply to borrow more, switch to a new deal or get help from the team.

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Switch your mortgage

If you already have a mortgage with us and your rate is coming to an end, or has ended, you can switch your mortgage deal online.

Switch your mortgage deal

Information about our mortgages

If you need some advice on the options available to you, please contact an independent financial adviser (IFA). If you don't have an IFA, you can find one at