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Landlords sit at the heart of the private rental sector. The Mortgage Works exists to support landlords to operate effectively, easily obtain financial support and understand their responsibilities.


Our approach to buy to let mortgages

The Mortgage Works is a specialist lender and has supported Landlords with buy to let mortgages for over 30 years. Today we focus on offering a flexible approach to lending, with a range of mortgages designed for landlords:

  • Portfolio landlords
  • First-time landlords
  • Limited Company landlords
  • Self-employed landlords
  • Houses in Multiple Occupation

Helping landlords with their responsibilities

Landlords are facing into greater and more complex regulation, which can become overwhelming.

Our responsibility extends beyond the rates we offer. Helping landlords do their job as easily and effectively as possible will allow more time to focus on the quality of properties and the wellbeing of tenants.

We will support by:

  • Simplifying complex regulation
  • Offering help beyond mortgages
  • Providing relevant and timely information

Visit our Help Centre

Stay up to date on policy and obligations. Our Help Centre offers a range of guidance to help make your landlord journey a smooth one.

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An introduction to Damian Thompson

We support landlords in a variety of ways. Hear from Damian Thompson, Director of Landlord, at The Mortgage Works.

  • Portfolio landlords
  • Changing perceptions of landlords
  • Providing greater accessibility, flexibility and peace of mind for tenants
  • The future of the private rented sector

A well-functioning housing system is one that meets everyone's housing needs

One in five households live in private rented homes*, a well-functioning private rental sector will support a thriving society.

Private renters represent a diverse range of people playing important roles in our society and driving our economy, and look to landlords to provide homes to suit their needs.

With over 330,000 landlords choosing The Mortgage Works for their needs, we are committed to protecting landlords, using our size and scale to influence government and shape the wider rental sector for the better.

Group of terraced houses

Private renting is an essential part of a thriving society

We have an ambition to use our size and scale to be a force for good. Championing change which supports landlords and ensures tenants are not adversely affected.

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Who we are

The Mortgage Works is the specialist buy to let lender of Nationwide Building Society, and has been helping landlords with buy to let mortgages since 1988. Today, The Mortgage Works is home to over 700 dedicated expert team members, providing support for just over 330,000 UK landlords.

*Source: English housing survey 2021 to 2022 published 15 December 2022